Halloween special


£9.95 per person


A fun, slightly spooky walk - with actors, magic and authentic sets.


What the Tour includes: (Approx 40 Minutes)


Enter our amazing world, steeped in the history of times gone by.

Journey through our authentic sets. Start at the station in Paris, before you board the Train to Venice, where you are confonted by our entertaining 'Plague Doctor', then into our 'Tunisian Diamond Mind', before entering 'Egypt' and watching our Pharaoh do some Mummification. After this take a walk through the Jungle, across our wobbly bridge and then enter India in which our 'Fakar' will perform some light hearted magic and tell you some interesting and mysteries facts.




£12.50 per person


A performance in which adults and kids alike travel through our authentic sets to meet actors, whilst 'Trick or Treating' to gather sweets. (The safest way to Trick or Treat)


What the Tour Includes: (Tour Approx. 40 Minutes)


Enter more authentic sets, starting in our maze in Japan, where you have to run around to find your hidden sweets, after this meet our funny drunken 'Pirate' on his Sea Boat, then through to our Prison, where our naughty Jailer will be forced to hand over some more sweets. Then into the 'Wild West', where the Cowboy will give you some good old fashioned North American entertainment.


There is a slide, a Vortex Tunnel on the way to meeting the King or Queen who will give you one last treat before you leave.




£12.50 per person


Dark spooky streets of London, doused in Fogg and eery noise. Please Note: All children have a different level of sensitivity and although all are welcome to try, we recommend that this attraction is not for the faint hearted and suggest that it is more suited for ages of 8+


What the Tour Includes: (Tour Approx. 30 Minutes)


Probably the most authentic of our sets, as you literally will feel like you are walking around the streets of London in the late 1900's. Our Policeman will be you guide and to ensure your safe journey.







12 - 13

19 - 20

26 - 31



1 -3



10am - 4pm



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Horrible Mysteries






£24.95 per person


One attraction not enough for you?

Then why not take advantage of our combo deal and come to all 3 Halloween attractions for just £24.95 per person.